Sunday, December 25, 2011

Works in progress: The Bone

Inspiration can be an odd thing.

Often I'm inspired by things I see in nature, but this piece came to me when I was visiting, of all places, a plastic store.

I saw tubes of plexiglass on display in a corner, and immediately it came to me: a bone suspended vertically in the tube, covered with shattered red glass that "drips" from the bone to a pool on the base.

Red glass. It seems so easy. But it wasn't. Almost all red glass I could find had been painted red on the surface, not colored through and through, so I ended up buying a piece of solid red Italian glass and having it tempered.

I was warned the glass could blow up during the tempering process, which was fine with me - I need it to be broken. And it did blow up. Unfortunately, though, the kiln was designed to automatically discard any glass that blew up.

Oh well. I went with what I could find: a bundle of tumbled red glass my niece Fern found online.

The bone, at least, was easier to find. People just give me bones, and I found exactly what I needed in a random box of bones at my house.

Now I'm just waiting for one last piece...

To see how the piece turned out, click here.


  1. Congratulations on your beautiful pages Ruth; on your unique work and on sharing your art journies with the larger & more fortunate section of our world blessed to see it here on line.

  2. Hi Ruth, it was so nice to meet you and to see your amazing work! You've inspired me!!